K-Palette 1 day tattoo review and swatches.

Today I wanted to share to all of you my favourite eye liner that lasts whole day. It's seriously the best eye liner that I've ever used. Even It's very humid and hot, this doesn't budge. You'll also need a good make up remover to take this off before bed.

It's made in Japan and it's awesome. It has a brush tip applicator. It's really convenient to apply specially if you're in a rush. I highly recommend this one. It lasts quite a while before it ran out of product.
It cost 18,000 Korean won.

I wish you all have a wonderful day and thank you for stopping by. ^^


Etude House "Dear Girls Be Clear Moisturizer review"

Etude House Dear Girls be clear moisturizer, I'm loving this moisturizer in the moment. It's good because it has SPF 30/PA++ so for everyday moisturizer, this is awesome. When I needed to wear makeup in daytime I still like to use this as a moisturizer/SPF for more protection against sun rays. 

This product however, is good on hot and humid days. But when weather starts to change and it's starting to feel dry and cold, I think it's time to change moisturizer. It's thick in consistency and white so if you have dark skin tone, no worries it blends really well into the skin, leaving it brighter.

I think it's also suitable for all skin types. I have oily combination skin, and dry cheeks but it's still doing it's job as a moisturizer. 

I bought mine when they're on sale but the regular price is \6,000.

Hope you enjoy reading. Have a great day.

w/o moisturizer

w/ moisturizer and mist

Etude House "I'm blooming Brightening mist" review

Hello readers, I'm back for another review and this time I want to share my thoughts on this one. The Etude House I'm blooming Brightening Mist. 

I've been using this for a month now, and I think that it's great to have one mist on hand specially on summer days.  It's really hot and humid here in Korea right now,  so I always carrying one with me.  

About this product. Well, I don't think if it brightens, but it keeps moisture on my skin if I needed to. I think it works like any other mists in the market. It's nice to have but I don't think it's very special just because it says brightening in the packaging. 

Where to buy: Etude House stores/ online, \ 9,500  


Etude House CC cream review and BB cream Cotton fit swatches

Hello readers, I know that it's been a while since the last time I posted a review. My schedule is really hectic,  but please excuse my lack of post.

Today, I'd like to share the new product in the market that I've been hearing for weeks, the CC cream. I got mine in Etude House. It is available in two types the #01 Silky and #02 Glow. I bought the #02 Glow because I like dewy finish and I have few samples of #01 Silky which is in my opinion a semi matte finish.

I applied it on my skin without a primer, just a moisturizer and it looks amazing. It's still cold here in Korea, and I hope it will work in hot and humid season because I don't really like applying foundation or BB cream on my face in ordinary day.

CC cream has a sheer coverage, it looks really natural on skin. When I'm about to apply it I'd notice a micro beads in it, it melts on skin once you start blending. If you prefer more coverage, you can apply BB cream or foundation on top of it but I like the way CC cream looks on my skin already. It contains SPF 30 / PA++ and it seems like it is a photo friendly, my skin looks a little shiny though.

I'm also going to swatch the new Etude House BB cream Cotton Fit in W13 (not my shade and has a semi matte finish) to show you how it looks like with BB cream. And I'll swatch the CC cream #01 Silky at the end.

Price: 14,000 won

BB Cream Cotton Fit in W13
CC cream ( #02 glow) swatch
only with moisturizer 
with CC cream
With BB cream
CC Cream #01 Silky
CC cream #01 silky swatch


Real Techniques Brush by Samantha Chapman

Hello readers, I wanted to share to all of you my thoughts about real techniques brushes by Samantha Chapman. She and her sister Nic are making make up tutorials in you tube (pixiwoo) using their brush line. I bought mine in iHerb.com because they have a really cheap international delivery, I think it's around 5 dollars to South korea ( I don't remember exactly cos I bought mine last spring ). I received my package a week after I purchased the items.

I've been using these brushes for almost a year now and I like using these every time I'm doing my make up. My most favourite brush is the expert face brush. It's a multi task brush, can be use to apply foundation, powder, highlighter, blush, whether it's powder or cream. It's really affordable and very good quality. And for applying my concealer deluxe crease brush is my favourite. Overall, these brushes are amazing.

If you notice the Physicians Formula Happy booster bronzer on the picture. I bought that with the brushes and it's also a good one but I think it's a little bit pricey, it's around $13 to $14 and I'm not wearing make up everyday so it lasted for around 8 months.

Thank you for reading and have a great day!!   ^^

My iherb coupon code: UFO988 
Feel free to use it! You can get $10 off your first order of $40 or more. You can also get $5 off under $40 of purchase!!


Etude House "Princess Etoinette" holiday 2012 collection Photos

                                                                                  Bubble Bath Bars

                                                                             Rose Brush

                                                                          Crystal Powder

                                                                                Heart Blusher

                                                                                           Crystal shine lips

                                                                                 Tear eyeliner & Crystal Eyeliner

                                                                                  Lovely Perfume candle